Buy 1 Get DOUBLE

Buy 1 Get DOUBLE

The Complete Hair Growth:
Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo & Minoxidil 5%

FDA-approved options available 100% money back guarantee Regrow hair in as few as 3 months*

We hate bragging.
So we’ll let some of our users do it for us:

I've used it about a month and already my hair is gotten thicker and healthier.
it's not falling off so easily like it was and my scalp is already filling up gaps of hair that was thinned out!


I love Fortero. I saw new hair starting after two uses. Well, it has been 6 uses now and there is no doubt that my previously receding hairline is no longer receding but ADVANCING. I am overjoyed!


The results appear instantaneously, particularly with notice of the near entire cessation of hair loss.
The comfort comes with how the products soothe the scalp, and the aromatic sensations are quite nice!


100% Money-back Guarantee

*Only valid for the first subscription order.

Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo (5.3 OZ)


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Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo Mega
(10.6 OZ)

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Fortero Shampoo Regular


Fortero Shampoo Mega


Fortero Hair Conditioner


Fortero Biotin Gummy


Fortero Minoxidil 5%


The War Against Hair Loss
Just Got Winnable.



Healthy For You, Healthy For Earth

Fortero is made entirely of natural, safe ingredients you can trust. Everything that goes into a bottle of Fortero is ecologically friendly, sustainable, and wasn’t tested or used on animals at any time. And unlike many medicines and healthcare products, there’s no hormone-disrupting parabens.

Dermatologists Give It Two Thumbs Up

A dermatologist specializes in skin and hair, so they’re the first professionals we consulted when creating our formula. And it passed with flying colors: the vast majority of guys have no side effects at all, and those that do report mild, manageable occurrences that were well worth their new head of hair (mild skin irritation, red scalp, or in some cases, rashes or pain).

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