After Throwing Away The Wrong Shampoo,
My Hair Started Growing Like Crazy! 

Look at me now!
I feel like a Newman!

This is a true story about what happened to my life after throwing the old shampoo that I bought in the supermarket.

I bet you will be surprised by this little simple change.

You Need To Throw Away The Wrong Shampoo!

Hi, my name is Mike. I am a 29 years old single male.I found my hair loss issues in my early 20s, which annoyed me in every aspect of my life. I spent over $1800 on hair loss treatment this year. I even went to Turkey, the best country for hair transplants in the world, to try to consult about hair transplants, but I gave up on the risk of being infected. Though I spent so much money and time, my hair loss never improved.

I used to buy mass-market shampoo for many years because I found it difficult to tell the difference between various products in the market today. 

But one day, when my friend who majored in medicine came to my home, he found something wrong in my bathroom…This is what he said to me. 

“Mike, I think I know why you are losing your hair. You need to stop using this shampoo and throw it up now!!”

What?! I was shocked then. 

Because no one ever told me that shampoo could matter!Later, he said several ingredients that may harm hair are widely used in mass-market shampoo. 

Harmful ingredients like Sulfate, Sodium, and Parabens can only help clean your scalp surface's oil, dirt, and dead skin. Worse, it can be harmful once overused as it overly strips your hair of its natural proteins and oils, which may also lead to hair loss. 

Throw away your old shampoo!

This may be the most effortless change you can make to save your hair, so I decided to share it with you guys. Just read it!

Do you really know what's in your shampoo?

How had hair loss affected my life? A familiar sad story.

Once I noticed my hair loss, I lost my confidence. I look like my 30s or 40s, even though I was only in my early 20s. I started to spend more time in the bathroom checking my hair. When I go out, I used to wear a baseball cap. And it doesn't seem very easy to have a date.

After trying everything, I am still not getting better.

But this time, this simple thing saved my hair. My friend told me that there are several ingredients I should avoid when choosing a shampoo.They are:

• Sulfate
• Sodium
• Parabens

Those ingredients can be easily found in most shampoos, which means that mass-market shampoo may cause hair loss for its harmful ingredients!

After hearing my friend's advice, I decided to find a perfect shampoo without Sulfate, Sodium, and parabens. And guess what?I found it.

After hearing my friend's advice, I decided to find a perfect shampoo without Sulfate, Sodium, and parabens.

And guess what?
I found it.

My only regret about Fortero is that I didn’t discover it sooner. 

Fortero is what I found perfect for it. And it's not just its safe ingredients, it's unique for many reasons.

Why should we change our ordinary shampoo to no “Sulfate, Sodium, and Parabens shampoo”?

I had the same question too, so I did my research.

Hair is made up of 91% protein. Therefore, when that protein is damaged or removed, it causes hair to become weaker.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Colloids and Surfaces, Sulfate may not be directly linked to hair loss, but it can harm your hair proteins and weaken your hair. This will increase the likelihood of hair breakage and irritate your skin, causing you to lose even more hair.

Sodium, commonly used to thicken shampoos and conditioners, does not induce hair loss immediately. However, if your shampoo has excessive levels of sodium chloride, it may cause your scalp to become dry and itchy, leading to hair loss. Parabens, which can make your shampoos and conditioners last longer. But some studies have found that parabens can induce allergic contact dermatitis and cause skin issues like irritation, itchiness, and flaking to flare up. And all of those can lead to you losing hair!

Natural Ingredients, Real Results.

So the first thing I received Fortero, I checked the ingredients immediately!

I found that all ingredients in this hair food are free of harmful chemicals and are made with very organic ingredients.

There are no traces of paraben, sodium, and sulfate, as seen in most hair products.

It is also loaded with7beneficial ingredients used in hair growth products!

For example, Fortero includes very effective ingredients called- 'Swertia Japonica Extract'! Research has shown that it has a good effect on producing melanin, one of the hottest natural agents out there! Fortero's unique "carbonated foam" deepens this ingredient into the skin! 

How Does Fortero Prevent Thinning Hair and Promote Regrowth?

Far more than enough!

Fortero's secret weapon is the power of its Carbonic Acid Foam.

Look how dense it is, even when you turn it over!

The concentration of carbonic acid is 8,000 PPM! It's 16 times more than carbonated water and 8 times more than a luxury head spa!

Healthy hair lies solely in a healthy scalp. A prominent reason men deal with hair loss is that hair roots are buried under layers of dirt and grime that build up to create something known as a sebum plug.

These plugs are tough to combat—continually shampooing with the wrong shampoo doesn’t do it and leaves your hair and scalp damaged.

Mass-Market Shampoo

Fortero carbonic acid shampoo 

Fortero’s ultra-dense microbubbles are 1/2000th the size of a hair pore, so they can get deep into pores to absorb oil and dirt while other shampoos can't even reach deep into your scalp.

That’s why this carbonic acid shampoo can help.

Another powerful weapon is that Fortero can increase blood circulation to your scalp.

When blood circulation improves, more nutrients reach the hair roots. The blood flow will bring the dead pores to life, which means it can grow hair again!

After only a few weeks, my hair started to grow like crazy. This is the picture taken by my barber.

Isn’t it amazing? To tell you the truth, I didn't even expect this!

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