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I was a bit skeptical but they really do the job. Thank you Fortero!

Best Ever

I use fortero to keep my hair and scalp healthy


Great products feel the difference just on the first application on you hair

New hair

My hair stopped falling out in a few weeks .


Great product & service

cleans deep

felt the freshness and the crisp scalp .

Good stuff

The scalp feels nice and clean, with less hair shedding

5 star

Am seeing gradual hair growth, I have just used the product for 3 weeks, great product.

Nice product

Bought this for my dad and he thinks he noticed more hair growth. Almost out of his first bottles, so buying him more to hopefully continue seeing results. So far, overall pleased with the product.

Better hair and scalp

Since I started using this product my hair loss has been reduced. My scalp itch has gone away.

It’s not completely magic but it’s working

Taking a little longer than expected but kids have noticed new hair growth. 😊🙌


It works for me!

Excellent Product

i see a difference. Excellent product.

William Loves it!

Love the shampoo as it does a beautiful job stimulating my scalp and making it feel fresh and clean


it's really worked!!!

Love it, highly recommend!

New hair

Been using it for 2 months,starting to see new growth.will be using it for a long time

Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo L

waiting for this summer

It work pretty quick I really need it in the summer that's when I will know it works from the sun and outdoor water. I also gave a bottle to a friend that's really needing it so we will have you a good example.

I love Fortero!

I don’t know how long it’s gonna take to grow back here, but for Taro, with my super fine hair with body and a really nice texture

Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo Mega (Subscription)
Jordan Darst
Most refreshing hair washing experience I've ever had.

It is the first shampoo that hasn't irritated my scalp. I wonder if it's possible to make an anti dandruff version. If so, I'd love to buy that one.

Fortero Scalp Lotion (Pack of 1)

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Love the Fortero Product

Just using the Fortero Hair Grow not even a month I think it’s working for me cause I’ve notice some roughness in my scalp with new hair follicle.