Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo

Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo

A natural shampoo that clears out deep-down dirt for a purer, healthier clean! Fortero creates microscopic carbonic bubbles that turn into a rich, lathery foam which encourages the scalp to return to its best condition for hair growth. That means less hair falling out, more volume, and perfect prevention of hair loss.
・Promote a clean, healthy scalp
・Not damage the top layer of hair too much
・Make existing hair stronger
・Combat the effects of negative reactions to DHT
・Stimulate growth from your scalp

We hate bragging.
So we’ll let some of our users do it for us:

I've used it about a month and already my hair is gotten thicker and healthier.
it's not falling off so easily like it was and my scalp is already filling up gaps of hair that was thinned out!


I love Fortero. I saw new hair starting after two uses. Well, it has been 6 uses now and there is no doubt that my previously receding hairline is no longer receding but ADVANCING. I am overjoyed!


The results appear instantaneously, particularly with notice of the near entire cessation of hair loss.
The comfort comes with how the products soothe the scalp, and the aromatic sensations are quite nice!


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