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Overall Thinning Hair

Premium Total-care Kit

This combination is best for reducing overall loss and helping with hair regrowth.

What's included?

Best For

First stage hair thinning

Hair Restoration System

Our 3-step system is designed to maximize the fullness of exciting hair, and encourage healthy new growth.

What's included?

Best For

Receading Hairline

Hair Thickening Kit

Best for reducing hair loss along the hairline, crown, and vertex.

What's included?

Best For

Thinning At The Crown

Hair Growth Kit

Best for growing thicker, longer hair on the crown and vertex.

What's included?

Best For

Hair Loss Prevention

Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo

Best for growing stronger hair, deep cleanse the scalp to boost hairgrowth and prevent hair loss.

What's included?

If you prefer one-time purchase

Fortero Shampoo 5.3 OZ (3 bottles)

$147 $119 SAVE $28

Fortero Hair Growth Kit (2 kits)

$196 $172 SAVE $24

Fortero Hair Restoration System (2 kits)

$294 $229 SAVE $65

Fortero Premium Total-care combo (2 kits)

$392 $289 SAVE $103

We hate bragging.
So we’ll let some of our users do it for us:

The results appear instantaneously, particularly with notice of the near entire cessation of hair loss.
The comfort comes with how the products soothe the scalp, and the aromatic sensations are quite nice!


My boyfriend and I both struggled with hair loss before. He started to use Fortero first and the result was incredible! So I gave it a try and now I can't live without it!


I've used it about a month and already my hair is gotten thicker and healthier.
it's not falling off so easily like it was and my scalp is already filling up gaps of hair that was thinned out!


Fortero is the best shampoo I've ever used! I can feel the cleansing power through my scalp every time I use it. So refreshing! My hair got more volume and my scalp condition improved!


I love Fortero. I saw new hair starting after two uses. Well, it has been 6 uses now and there is no doubt that my previously receding hairline is no longer receding but ADVANCING. I am overjoyed!


Greasy hair was my biggest problem but I still remember the shock when I noticed my hair started falling out. Thank God I found this magical blue bottle, all my hair issues have gone after using it!


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