Products Used:

Fortero Hair Restoration System (Subscription)

Fortero Hair Restoration System (Subscription)

Ships 2 kits every 2 months

$157 $124.50/kit
Fortero Biotin Gummy

Fortero Biotin Gummy


Products Used:

Fortero Hair Thickening Kit (Subscription)

Fortero Hair Thickening Kit (Subscription)

Ships 2 kits every 2 months

$108 $89.50/kit
Fortero Revitalizing Conditioner

Fortero Revitalizing Conditioner


Products Used:

Fortero Hair Growth Kit (Subscription)

Fortero Hair Growth Kit (Subscription)

Ships 2 kits every 2 months

$108 $89.50/kit
Fortero Biotin Gummy

Fortero Biotin Gummy



Based on 245 reviews
Great product

Great product. Easy to use

hair growth

Does not seem to be doing much yet.

Too early for clear results

I’ve been using this product for a little over two weeks now, and I haven’t noticed any changes yet. I know it can take a few months and I’m optimistic that this product will work. I will leave a review in a couple months.


The Forteri shampoo removes grease & dirt without drying out the hair.

Happy with Product and Service

Cannot speak to the full efficacy of the product but I do like the way me hair and scalp feel after using. I had 2 bottles arrive damaged Fortero promptly replaced them for me. Great customer service.

Love the scent of Fortero. Waiting for Fortero to work!

Overall Opinion So Far ...

Thank God I still have hair interest in this product was more (@ least) to keep things this way and a bonus if it actually grew hair ... The jury is still out on the latter ... but at the very least my hair feels great, healthier... no loss that I can notice and my scalp is certainly healthier... I'm going to continue using this.


The gummy biotin was great

You can feel it working

I was very skeptical when I first bought the product but now you can actually see and feel the difference. i’m sorry it took me so long to start this.

Fortero first 3 weeks

Started using the Fortero products (Sampoo, Conditioner, Biotin, and Minoxidil) and already starting to see some new growth and strengthening up of existing hair.


I don’t think it’s helping me grow hair yet and probably won’t?
But it takes my itchy scalp away a lot better than dandruff shampoo.

Waiting to see...

I have been using the shampoo daily. No results yet. Hopefully soon. We'll see.


I really didn’t expect any great results but my hair is actually growing and I’m so grateful I tried it knowing I was very skeptical.

Waiting to see...

I started using the product last week. I like the way my hair feels when it dries. Too early to see any growth. Hopefully soon.


I have been using Fortero on a daily basis for several months and I have seen significant improvement in the overall growth of my hair.


It's working. Strong product. Keep on the application.

Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo
Alexander Britton Browne, III
Scalp feels and looks much betterno

I now have a fuller head of hair no more itching or dry scalp

Great product. Start

I have been using this product for four months great results.

Just started

I just started to use Fortero, and it appears to be growing some hairs slowly and steadily i will continue to use and keep watching the results.


It feel very clean but I just use it for two weeks now I like it a lot hopefully my hair grow back soon.

Noticed some difference

The first week I noticed my hair was getting thicker, some possible new hairs probably growing, baby hairs from the looks of it. But other than that. It felt great on my hair and scalp, plus I like the tingle it gave to my scalp. I know I'll have to keep using it in order to see full optimal results. But so far, it's an incredible start.

Nice Feeling!

After 3 months of use, I reordered the Shampoo. I love the gentle cleansing nature and found that my dry and scaling scalped appreciated the change to a less harsh product. I have a little new hair growth but not as great of a difference as I had hoped, but I am only using the shampoo. I am extremely happy with the gentle cleansing and low toxicity aspect.

My wife purchased two months for me and I purchased 2 month supply just finished my third month and I see no additional hair growth. I was really hoping it was going to work.

Seems to be working?

I'm a month into using the product it seems to be starting to work but its only a month so I want to be subjective I didn't take pictures or anything but it feels like it is working I'll give it another month to see if it is actually working

Noticed some difference

I've been using the shampoo for a while or not long and I'm definitely seeing somewhat of a difference. I saw that where I had some bald spots are showing signs that some new hairs are growing back. But I know I got to keep using it for a bit longer till I see full optimal results. So if I'm to do this for six months and all the hair grows back in the spots on my head that are lacking hair. Then this should definitely be the go-to shampoo to get your hair back. I had my hair loss problem get caused by heat and chemical damage brought on by straight hair perms. But after using this shampoo for a bit. I'm starting to see signs of new hairs growing back, it's a steady pace but a steady pace is better than nothing. So I'm going to keep using this for a bit longer and see where things go.