Products Used:

Fortero Hair Restoration System (Subscription)

Fortero Hair Restoration System (Subscription)

Ships 2 kits every 2 months

$147 $99.50/kit
Fortero Biotin Gummy

Fortero Biotin Gummy


Products Used:

Fortero Hair Thickening Kit (Subscription)

Fortero Hair Thickening Kit (Subscription)

Ships 2 kits every 2 months

$98 $79.50/kit
Fortero Revitalizing Conditioner

Fortero Revitalizing Conditioner


Products Used:

Fortero Hair Growth Kit (Subscription)

Fortero Hair Growth Kit (Subscription)

Ships 2 kits every 2 months

$98 $79.50/kit
Fortero Biotin Gummy

Fortero Biotin Gummy



Based on 196 reviews
Great Expectations

I haven't seen any results yet, good or bad, but I have been using the shampoo for less than a month.
I expect some positive results after using it a month.

Warm Regards,

Results already!

I’m just over 3 weeks into using the shampoo and conditioner and I already see a bit of new”peach fuzz” on the crown of my head. Amazing that something is happening this fast. Thank you!

Amazing Product!

My husband of 26 years was concerned about thinning and after finding Fortero I purchased it for him to try. It has truly thickened his hair and there is considerable decrease in his receding hairline. Thank you for creating this product and bringing my husband's overall confidence level back.

Feel the power

You can feel your scalp start tingling. Mean it's works everyone. 30 days and counting.

Thanks F. I'll keep you posted on my results.

Revitalizing my head and hair

This product works great I can feel a revitalizing sensation happening every time I wash my scalp.

Just Started

I haven't seen any new growth in the first month, hope to see new hair in the next 2 months.

Thicker hair

I bought my this product to help with my thinning hair. It definitely has help with that. Not really seeing any new growth, I have only been using it for a little over 2 months so maybe with more use I will see new growth.

Looking forward to progress

Just 2 weeks into using the products so there is no visible change yet. But I know this will take some time. Easy to use — convenient. I’m really looking forward to seeing results.


I bought your product from your company and from walmart. I used the product from walmart 1st. I kept hearing how it is supposed to make your scalp tingle, didnt happen. I used it for a better part of the month, giving it a chance, zilch. I then used the one purchased from your store, that one set my scalp to tingling right away. So I guess trying to save myself money cost me more . walmart must have had it sitting on a shelf in a cargo container in the heat somewhere.... I will give the product another chance and hopefully it WILL work for me.

Have only been using the shampoo & conditioner almost a month now. I seem to see to see less hair fall out than before using the shampoo & conditioner. I will purchase again. Hope to see new hair growth over the next couple of months.

So Far Great

So far good. It been a few weeks. Hopefully in the coming months I see some hair growth.

Still waiting

Have only used your product for 2 weeks so far and have not noticed any results to this point…. I will have a better idea after a couple of months

3.5 months starting to see real improvement

I’m very happy with this shampoo. It’s definitely working, My wife sees the difference and is also happy. There are so many scams it’s great to finally get a product that does what is advertised. Thank you!!!

Gentle shampoo!

A great smelling and gentle shampoo that goes great with the conditioner. I’m quite sure it’s already effective only a couple weeks in!


Love the foam consistency and the minty fresh scent! My husband also enjoy these products. Excited to see the hair growth result in the future!

Too soon to give an honest review

I have used your product for just one week now, and although I can feel a kind of “menthol” feeling when I wash my hair, I have noticed no effects so far…. I guess time will tell…

Time may tell

Only been using the shampoo and conditioner for a month so not seeing new growth. Used other products with no results so hopefully time may tell with this.

not yet

On my third month of using the product. No noticeable difference yet. I will continue my subscription with fingers crossed.

no difference yet

haven’t seen any difference plus they forgot the conditioner in my order.. is that why no results yet.. 🤷 hopefully i will have to change this review in the future..

Thank you Fortero

At first, I was skeptical but now, I don't think I will ever be able to wash my hair with something else than Fortero shampoo!
Very satisfied with the result!

Carbonic Acid shampoo

As a medical professional// the use of this user friendly shampoo truly cleans the scalp and should be part of any non surgical hair growth program .

Scalp Cleanser

You have to be a chemist to understand Carbonic Acid. It does not exist in any shampoo. However, after using the shampoo for a month, my scalp stuffed off a fairly thick layer of old, dead skin cells and whatever else had accumulated.I had no idea it was even there. From it's makeup it HAD to be clogging and chocking off hair follicles. The shampoo cleans my hair well and invigorates my scalp wonderfully. The conditioner and vitamins are starting to thicken my hair. It looks and feels great. Along with the addition of Minoxidil, a time and laboratory test proven hair restorer, will hopefully make my hair appear the way I want it to.

Feels Fuller

Have been using Fortero for a month and my hair feels fuller and looks great thanks Fortero I will be placing an order soon.

It’s growing

I’ve been using the shampoo for about a month now and it seems to be growing. This is great!

Already seeing improvement!

I have only started to use the hair growth kit for two weeks and I've already noticed obvious differences with my hair's texture and volume. The hair hack of washing your hair twice (using Fortero and your regular shampoo) is definitely a must. Will purchase more products when I run out. So excited to see more progress and improvement. Such a fan of the fresh feel and smell to it.