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Fortero has created a simple solution to reverse the symptoms and re-sprout hair – even if it’s been gone for decades!

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Clogged Follicles

Hair follicles are connected to the sebaceous glands, which produce oil called sebum.

In fact, this sebum moisturizes the hair but a disproportionate amount can cause your scalp to be overly greasy.

When excess oil combines with dirt, dead skin cells, and chemical residue, it can lead to blocked pores.

And as a result, clogged pores prevent the hair follicle from coming to the surface and growing normally.

With the scalp in this condition, hair growth products can't reach your hair roots.

No matter how expensive the product is, it will never work. It'd be more like fertilizing a desolate land.

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The Little-Known Secret To Prevent Hair Loss

Clogged follicles

Clogged follicles are the cry for help.

Even if you wash your hair every day, it is quite hard to wake up the dormant hair follicles.

Also, hair is at risk of further damage and breakage if you scrub your scalp with chemical-based shampoos more often.


None of it can be helpful unless you use "Carbonic Acid Shampoo" to unwind the pores and deep clean your hair roots.

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The cutting-edge power of carbonic acid helps to unblock the hair
follicles while boosting blood circulation to prevent hair loss and strengthen your existing hair.

Its tiny acidic foaming action sucks up all the debris build-up to
nourish your hair and maintain a healthy, high functioning scalp.

A one-two punch of baldness-busting power

Men go bald in two ways: they either start developing a bald spot at the crown of their heads or they experience a hairline that recedes from front to back.

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Fortero has solutions to both of these problems with two separate products, and better yet, men see the most dramatic improvement when they use both together.

To deal with a receding hairline, carbonic acid shampoo clears out
follicle-blocking debris and dandruff while also making hair look and feel healthier, jumpstarting dead follicles back to life.

Meanwhile, for balding from the crown, our 5% minoxidil solution is a scientifically validated serum for giving men of any age a second chance at a full head of hair.

Real regrowth from real Fortero customers
Great results speak for themselves.

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I've used it about a month and already my hair is gotten thicker and healthier.
it's not falling off so easily like it was and my scalp is already filling up gaps of hair that was thinned out!

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy I love Fortero. I saw new hair starting after two uses. Well, it has been 6 uses now and there is no doubt that my previously receding hairline is no longer receding but ADVANCING. I am overjoyed!customers.

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The results appear instantaneously, particularly with notice of the near entire cessation of hair loss.
The comfort comes with how the products soothe the scalp, and the aromatic sensations are quite nice!

Why Is Fortero The Two-Step Solution To Stimulate Hair Growth?

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It’s like hair seeds in a bottle!”

It’s like hair seeds in a bottle!”

Fortero Minoxidil 5%

The most potent hair regrowth agent known to man

The most potent hair regrowth agent known to man


Carbonic acid shampoo stops men's hair loss, reverses male pattern baldness and revitalizes every part of the hair. It does this by dissolving the greasy sebum that notoriously clog men's hair follicles and inhibits hair growth.
Fortero shampoo dislodges the sebum while simultaneously improving blood flow and vitality, jumpstarting the follicles back to life.

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Minoxidil is a clinically proven hair growth solution that works by tricking the cells into shortening the “rest” phase of hair growth, also known as the telogen stage.
Instead, follicles use the excess nutrients to work overtime and produce the strongest hair they can, spending an elevated amount of time in the growth or “anagen” stage.
Medically, minoxidil is a vasodilator, meaning it improves blood flow directly to the hair follicles.

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