Fortero Minoxidil 5%

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Fortero Minoxidil 5% is a topical treatment that's most effective for promoting hair growth along the top of your head and crown. With the Minoxidil 5% formula, Fortero offers a solution to pattern balding, hair loss, and alopecia androgenica (heridatary hair loss) in men. The minoxidil topical solution stimulates hair growth, hair thickness, and helps combat hair loss.

It's okay to be a bit obsessed with your hair.
Here's the FDA-Approved treament to combat Male Pattern Baldness

How does Minoxidil Work?

Minoxidil works by influencing the hair growth cycle. By shortening the resting phase, minoxidil ensures your hair remaind is the active phase longer, tipping your groth cycle in favour of the active growth phase.
Minoxidil also appears to improve to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. This helps provide your hair with the nutrients and oxygen it needs to optimally grow. This stimulates growth and improves thickness, density, and overall appearance of your hair if you're susceptible of male pattern baldness.
Fortero stepped into the market as a quality brand that aimes to produce hair loss treatment products with the highest standards of quality assurance.


Active Ingredient:
・Minoxidil 5%

Inactive Ingredients:
・Purified Water

Hair Loss, a Serious Issue

About 85% of men will have major hair thinning by the time they've reached their 50’s. Some guys start to lose their hair before they even turn 21!
Hair loss, or alopecia as doctors call it, doesn’t usually signal a medical problem, and it's not harmful to your health.
That being said, worrying about how it influences your looks is completely normal.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The majority of baldness in men results from male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is a genetic trait that's heraditarily passed down, but can also occur as a result of hormonal imbalances later in life. Male pattern baldness is characterized by a loss of hair on the scalp in men.As hormone levels change over a man's lifetime, particularly in the later years, male pattern baldness becomes more likely to develop. Illness and mental stress can also contribute to and result in sudden hair thinning. Although part of the aging process for many men, hair loss can be quite the psychological blow. After all, it's easier to hold on to exisiting hairs while you have the chance, instead of immediately resorting to replacements.Fortero Minoxidil 5% is the answer to taking special care of your hair and head, as you explore your situation.


Applying Fortero Minoxidil is super simple, you just follow these steps:・Make sure your hair and scalp are dry (you don’t need to shampoo before each application).・Fill the dropper up to the 1ML mark (that’s one dose).・Apply the dose to the crown of your scalp.Pro tip: Make five to 6 parts in your hair and apply one drop along each part line.・Once applied, rub it in.・Avoid getting your hair wet for a minimum of four hours after applying.・That’s it! Easy enough, right?※Do not use it on other parts of the body unless prescribed by your doctor. Don't use it on skin that's red, painful, irritated, scraped, cut, or infected.Wash your hands thoroughly after application. Avoid getting the medication in your eyes. If this happens, rinse your eyes with large amounts of cool water.※Do not use this medication more than the recommended amount, or apply it to an irritated or sunburned scalp.Doing so can cause the drug to be absorbed into your body and end in serious side effects. This product may contain alcohol and may cause scalp irritation or dryness.Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have questions regarding how to use this product safely.

So now you’re probably wondering…

Why choose Fortero?

We know there are plenty of brands producing minoxidil and other hair treatment products.
Whether the products meet the standards of quality assurance or not, rest assured Fortero has always strived to provide a product that excels and exceeds your expectations.
For Fortero, the mission is not to vanquish the brands selling such products, but to create a formula that gives the ultimate results.
Its purpose is not only to provide the best solution on the market, but also to offer an exceptional quality generic type of Minoxidil for less money.
Awareness and understanding of the needs of its clients, Fortero strives to enable its customers to pursue their desires.
For Fortero, victory is a job well done, not necessarily a competitor eliminated.

How long until I get results?

This of often the foremost question in everyone's mind, but the results of Minoxidil can vary from person to person. In general, it takes about 6 months of consistent usage to ascertain good results. After 4 months hair loss should completely stop and you'd be ready to see hair growth and development.

Are there any possible side effects?

Minoxidil can have some side effects. This is why we always recommend a skin test. When you're experiencing any potential side effects of minoxidil, stop using it and consult your doctor on what to do.Some are:

・Scalp itching (pruritus)

・Flaking, irritated skin

・Scalp folliculitis


・Unwanted facial/body hair

・Chest pains

・Irregular heart beat

・Swelling of hands and/or feet

・Unusual weight gain

・Difficulty breathing when lying down

This list of potential side effects is incomplete. If you notice any other potential side effects, please consult your doctor.

Why did my hair shedding increase after taking minoxidil?

When experiencing continued hair shedding after 4 months of use, it's not associated with Minoxidil. There is also the possibility that Minoxidil might not be the right product for you. If you experience any undesirable effects, consult your doctor regarding alternative treatments.

Where can I buy minoxidil?

You can buy Minoxidil over-the-counter from most drugstores. Otherwise, you can order Minoxidil without a prescription from Fortero and have it delivered straight to your door.