The Side Effects of Hair Loss Treatments

The Side Effects of Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss can impact your physical and mental well-being. Given this, the market for hair loss treatments keeps getting bigger—but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Some hair loss treatments are more harmful than they are helpful. In this article, we will explore common side effects from popular treatments.

Treating Hair Loss

Treating hair loss is something that must be approached differently depending on the stage of hair loss that you are in. There are seven different stages in total. Most treatment efforts, however, are really only effective during the earlier stages

Stage one is considered normal hair, while stages two and three show growing levels of recession. The first three stages are the best time to pursue treatment, but that doesn’t mean that any treatment will do.

There are a variety of hair loss treatments available, with many of them offering different benefits and risks. Knowing what treatment options will work best for your body can help you to make informed decisions for hair loss treatment and prevention.

The Side Effects of Common Hair Loss Treatments

Though losing hair can be very difficult to cope with, it is still important to consider your treatment options. Depending on what you choose, you might find that the side effects are not worth the support for your hair and scalp. Let’s explore a few of the more common side effects by type.


Many people are pleased to learn that there are medication options that can help to combat hair loss. A lot of people assume that because medications are available, this is a safe medical practice. In reality, that isn’t really the case.

Spironolactone and oral dutasteride are medication types that can cause some truly unpleasant effects. While your hair might stay, you are likely to experience other problems with this approach to treatment. Women who take spironolactone can experience fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, headaches, weight gain, and a loss of sex drive.

With oral dutasteride, many people have impacts on their physical and mental well-being. These medications can lead to a loss of sex drive, problems with sexual function, and even more significant risks, like rashes and swelling. 

Hair Transplant Surgery

For those seeking results quickly, hair transplant surgery is often considered a great option. Though it can be effective, it is important to understand that it also means having surgery. Hair transplant surgery might not be the most extreme surgery on the market, but it is surgery—and with surgery, complications are always a risk.

Following a hair transplant surgery, it is fairly common to experience a variety of unpleasant side effects during and after recovery. Many find that the recovery process can be particularly unpleasant. It is common for those who receive this surgery to experience bleeding, swelling, and bruising. In some unfortunate cases, people experience significant infections that might even influence how effective the surgery will be.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Haircare products are all made using different methods, and the experiences can differ for that reason. The ingredients in different products have the ability to help or harm. While a hair loss prevention shampoo or treatment might help with your hair problems, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for you. 

Several hair loss prevention shampoos have had unfortunate outcomes for those who use them. Common ingredients can cause allergic reactions, scalp dermatitis, and more. In fact, many available products rely on dangerous chemicals and reactions, with some releasing formaldehyde and other problematic chemicals.

When dangerous chemicals are added to these products, they are not really helping. They may provide one specific benefit, but if the cost is more significant than the benefits, then it really won’t be worth it. If you manage to preserve your hair but end up with severe eczema, you might find yourself wondering if it was a good choice. Some of these products only work with continuous use, forcing you to continuously expose yourself to these chemicals. With treatments of this nature, it is crucial for you to focus on finding products that use good and healthy ingredients.

Fortero: Your Healthy Hair Loss Treatment

Fortero is a natural hair loss treatment program that uses a three-pronged approach to support your scalp and hair. Focused on creating a healthy environment for hair to grow, Fortero is a serious product for those who want serious results. 

Rather than simply making a product that helps hair to remain or grow, Fortero targets hair health at its source. Beloved by hairdressers and those with hair alike, Fortero is designed to provide an environment where hair thrives. Instead of quick hacks or chemical treatments, Fortero was made to provide you with a health boost that supports hair growth. With this environment, your hair will have the support that it needs.

A Unique Triple Approach

The Fortero system is made to follow a unique triple approach to your scalp and hair health. Since the majority of problems do come from the scalp, they have created a system that focuses on the scalp. Dirt and sebum can build up on your scalp and clog pores. While this might sound harmless, it can be deadly for your hair.

When your pores are clogged and your scalp is covered with buildup, your hair is essentially blocked. This means that your scalp and hair will not receive the nutrients that they need, even if you use good products. 

Fortero combines cleansing with stimulation and replenishment to support total hair health from start to finish. This starts with cleansing, which is focused on a carbonic acid shampoo that strips away buildup and clogged pores. It is paired with an invigorating CO2 concentration that helps to increase blood circulation to your hair, delivering key nutrients. The final step focuses on replenishing your scalp and hair using natural botanicals.

Natural Ingredients

The ingredients in Fortero are not lab-made chemicals, but actual natural ingredients. Within Fortero, you will find charcoal power, Swertia Japonica extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract, algae extract, rice bran, Paeonia Suffruticosa root extract, and citrus lemon fruit extract. These powerful natural ingredients penetrate the skin and provide revitalizing support.

Preserve Your Natural Oils

The natural oils in your hair are very important for your scalp’s health. Fortero is made to preserve the natural oils on your scalp. Hair products made for men, in particular, are known to strip away these oils. Fortero steps away from this by never taking away, just giving your hair more of what it needs while removing any excess.

No Known Side Effects

The market is filled with chemical-based products that have a long list of side effects. The natural ingredients and simple formula in Fortero are made to offer a complete lack of unpleasant side effects. The only exception is our Minoxidil product, which is very effective to treat hair loss but can cause sensitivity for some users. However, our other products are free of all side effects and should be safe to use on any skin.

The Takeaway

At Fortero, we believe that the secret to biohacking hair is simply to support hair health. We work with your body, not against it. Our Fortero product lines are made using natural ingredients and designed to offer your hair the help it needs. Enjoy a healthier scalp and healthy hair with our carbonic acid shampoo and conditioner today!